Can Walking Reduce Disease?

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Obesity and overweight has become an epidemic through out the country. If you look around the access to cheap greasy food has sky rocketed. In many cities there are 24hour drive through available, and the portion sizes have increased through out the years. If you take the average size cup cake just ten years ago it is now double in size. Also the standard 8 ounce drink is also double in size. It seems to be a notion that its better to get more and pay less. However as a society people are not exercising as much, and eating high calories with no exercise turns into stored fat. Also, not only are adults seeing the bulge children are becoming twice as likely to be obese with little to no exercise. We are seeing diseases that were only once seen in adults like type 2 diabetes in young children. However walking a simple exercise that requires no high gym fees can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and many more diseases.

Its shown that walking at least three times a week for about 30 minutes to an hour will significantly reduce your chance of type 2 diabetes. Walking helps lower stress levels, and thus can also prevent from impulsive or emotional eating habits. Also walking can help reduce and control blood glucose levels. Walking is also a great agent in helping to build muscles. Also the number one benefit of walking is it helps reduce weight, and with type 2 diabetes weight management is very important.

Walking reduce disease such a heart disease. Heart disease has and still is the number one cause of death world wide. The heart is a muscle and like with all muscles you must exercise your heart. If you maintain a simple walking regimen it helps reduce your risk for heart disease. Maintaing cholesterol levels are important in everyone, and walking can help reduce your bad cholesterol levels and increase the good cholesterol levels. Also walking can help reduce your risk for strokes. It is known that walking reduce disease such as a stroke. In recent studies certain cancers such as Pancreas,Thyroid,Gallbladder,Kidney,Esophagus,Colon and rectum,Endometrium, and Breast. If you take the time and make walking a priority it may help lower the risk of developing these cancers.

Walking does not require the purchase of expense equipment, but instead a nice pair of walking shoes are required. It is known across the country that walking is very beneficial in for your health. Its best to stretch first before you begin walking.Its also a great idea to walk with a walking partner or a walking group. There are even walking clubs across the country that promotes walking and exercise. There are also indoor walking facilities if you enjoy walking inside, but one of the best way to enjoy walking is the tranquility by walking outside. In all walking is important in your overall health, and it is especially important in reducing your risk for certain diseases.

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