What are some of the benefits of walking?

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When you think about exercise, what do you think first? You think, running, a Zumba class or perhaps Crossfit. There seems to be an endless list of ways to get exercise. Getting fit is always a wonderful to goal to have. It's a goal we should all have for ourselves to maintain a healthy life.

For many people, getting started is the most difficult. There are those who aren't able or hesitant to start an intense exercise regimen. An old injury, fear, time, money or perhaps obesity. These examples, can make it difficult to begin the path to a healthier life.

Start small, with walking! Yes, walking! What are the benefits of walking you might ask? The benefits are numerous! I shall name a few of those benefits! Walking, first and foremost, is FREE to do! The opportunities to be able to walk are almost endless.

Of course one must be sure that the weather is safe for walking. Wearing the proper shoes is always important. Most of us own a pair of sneakers right? There are even shoes designed to increase the physical benefits walking does on it's own. Be sure to stay hydrated as well!

Walking is a low impact exercise. It's friendlier on the joints as opposed to running. Instead of running three miles. Walk three miles. For those who wish to increase their heart rate in a less aggresive way, walking will achieve this. Most cities have parks with trails. Most of them, are paved and have easy access. Walk to the places that are close to you, instead of driving. Walk around your neighborhood.

Start at a normal pace at first. Then over time you'll be able to increase it.

When you increase your pace, you increase the more you are able to do. Strengthen your muscles, heart, lungs. Then of course, the important part for most, burn calories. It allows you to get used to physical activity in a gradual way.

It is also known to decrease stress. It is an exercise that is less intense. Mentally, as well as physically. You aren't required to attend a class for it. You can listen to your own music. You don't have to worry about any insecurities. Being in a gym might cause you to feel pressured or discouraged. You are walking on your own time and on your own terms.

Enjoying a beautiful day. Breathe fresh air. Unwind your mind! You get the chance to meet people in a less stressful environment. Take a friend with you. Or walk with your spouse or children. Take your dog! Walking can help strengthen your relationships if you wish.

Another benefit of walking? It doesn't require any expensive equipment or costly DVD set to teach you. You learned how to do it a long time ago. Thanks Mom and Dad! If you live in a region with hills or mountains. You have your very own Elliptical workout as well. If you live close to work, walk there a few days a week. It'll save you a little money on gas.

Walking is just one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to start exercising. These are only some of the benefits of walking.

Put some miles on those sneakers and go for a walk!

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